Ancient Ayurveda teaches how nature provides all that is needed and essential for the human body. Don’t ever forget that you’re simply a transformation of what you eat … Ojas Asmi, I am Effulgence!

A few years back, we located the highest quality clay artisans in the world, and have sourced the highest quality handmade products from them. The clay is organic and lead-free, with accreditation certificates available on request.

This family of potters and artists have been in this trade for over 9 generations. Try out some of these amazing and natural vessels to cook your family meals in! Taste a world of difference, and feel the natural goodness with each bite!

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All items are $49, including shipping and handling, and the fresh baking!

All items are singles, except for mugs and cups, which are shipped as pairs for the same $49. There is a 20% discount on orders over $999, so maybe purchase with friends?

They also make great gifts, so just stock up now, and amaze later!

Remember, these are hand made items, and take a few days to arrive. Also, for a $9 additional fee, our potters will customize the items with your name or any other small message. More complex customizations are also possible. Inquire about this when you reach out.

Order here.