Unbelievably Vegan!

Vegan Cookies!

And they’re healthy, all vegan in fact, and so good that you just can’t tell 🙂 !

$2.99 each, minimum order: 10 cookies.

Introductory price $19.99 for 10!

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Winter 2019 Menu


Ojosmi Vegan Good Ol’ Choc-Chip – Winter 2019 Vintage

Ingredients: Organic Coconut oil, organic sugar, organic brown sugar, organic soy flour, organic brown rice flour, organic oat flour, xanthum gum, baking powder

Cashew Madness!

Ojosmi Vegan Sea Salt Cashew – Winter 2019 Vintage

Ingredients: Organic olive oil, organic tahini, organic coconut sugar, organic cashew flour, cassava flour, organic vanilla extract, organic soy flour, semi-sweet organic vegan chocolate chips, pink Himalayan sea salt

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