Ayurdevic benefits of copper vessels are well documented. We’ve located the best copper artisans, and have crafted drinking utensils and bottles with LOVE. That is what Ojosmi is about – Ojas Asmi – I am Effulgence.

Feel your Effulgence when you drink cool H20 from these copper containers, the first thing early in the morning, and throughout the day.

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Elegant and simple. All are $39 each.

Extremely high-grade Ayurvedic copper (that’s not a real thing, but it is the best we could source with all the organic cleanliness and good vibes we could muster).

The small ones are personal bedside / tumbler-sized to keep filled overnight – drink first thing in the morning! Then refill ☀️🙏🏽

Shipping free if you order 3 or more! Keep one at work, and give one to a friend!

Order here.